Take the overall health and condition of the patient into account for decision making of toxicity management. High-risk patients (e.g. high tumor burden or comorbidities) may require earlier intervention. Toxicity should be constantly reassessed. Low-grade CRS and ICANS are typically manageable with supportive therapy. Tocilizumab is the only approved targeted drug for CRS so far. There is evidence, that Tocilizumab and Corticosteroids do not affect efficacy of CAR T-cell therapy. However, there is a recent study suggesting inferior PFS in patients being treated with corticosteroids. Hence, corticosteroids should be considered carefully (Strati et al. Blood 2021).


Toxicity management differs between disease entities, CAR products, trials and treatment centers as there are no randomized trials for treatment strategies yet. myTcell harmonizes the grading and management according to ASTCT (Lee et al. 2019), the prescribing information, the CARTOX working group (Neelapu et al. 2017 and 2021), the SITC and EBMT recommendations (Maus et al. 2020, Yakoub-Agha et al. 2020) and the DGHO guidelines (B├╝cklein et al. 2021).


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